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My Love Is…

This weekend at the end of “For Colored Girls” the statement was made “My love is…”and each woman had to finish the sentence(sidebar plug: awesome movie a must see for women whether you are black, white, red, or green – you get my point it’s for all women – any woman can relate to this movie!).
Once you see the movie (hint, hint) you will get the point but I thought that was such an important statement and so I decided to come up with my own: My love is…too precious to be given to just anyone – especially someone who is not going to treat it as the delicate treasure that it is.
What about you – what is your love!


2 thoughts on “My Love Is…

  1. My Love is too faithful to be thrown back up into my face! I watched the movie and I left with a mirad of feelings most of which were sad. It made me think!

    1. Yeah…the movie really makes you think.
      I really loved when they did that part at the end…and I think after seeing this movie I am more determined never to put up with any “foolishness” from a man ever again! We take our strength and honor as women for granted sometimes in the name of love. No more…cause my love is just too precious!

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