Long time…

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog (or any of my other ones for that matter…SMH)! When I decided to separate my blogs between personal(msnoireberry), women’s empowerment(divavybes…) and devotions (savedinthecity) I knew that it would mean deciding how much time would be devoted to each blog. As always in my ambitious mind I wanted to post daily to everything…then I decided I would come up with a theme for each day at least on Diva make it easier to decide what to write about. Either way…it has not gone as planned. I believe the last time I posted in here was a month ago…and on Diva Vybes…it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted and as for Saved in the City – I believe the last time was August!
Once again I am going to revamp and figure out what I want to do with each of these blogs and the amount of time I can dedicate to each. Perhaps my attempt to do daily postings was too much…hmmm…anyway…I digress.
Well this was just me rambling on “paper” the thoughts in my head…welcome to the mind of the constant analyzer! LOL
Until we meet again…Later Days!


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