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Lesson in Tears

I just heard this song “Stronger With Each Tear” by Mary J Blige.
The hook/chorus…whatever you call it:-) says:
“In each tear
there’s a lesson, (there’s a lesson)
Makes you wiser than before (wiser)
Makes you stronger than you know (stronger)
In each tear (each tear)
Brings you closer to your dreams
No mistake, no heartbreak
Can take away what you’re ment to be…”

This is oh so true…there really is a lesson in every tear! Unfortunately for me…I’ve had a lot of lessons to learn…because I sure have shed a lot of tears! (SMH)
Quite frankly sometimes I have cried the same tears because I didn’t learn the lesson the first time (SMH Again!!!)
In the end it’s only made me stronger and wiser so I am thankful for all my tears and every lesson that has come with it!


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