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“Spring Cleaning” – The art of letting go

So spring has sprung and it’s now April 1st – the first day of the second quarter of 2010…indeed “time and tide wait for no man”.
Yesterday, as I anticipated the start of this new quarter I decided I would do some “spring cleaning” in my personal life! I realized there are a few people and things that need to be eliminated in order for me to move forward in this life.
Always the thinker – I ponder…why do we have such a hard time letting go!
Even when we “spring clean” our homes we are always holding on to things instead of throwing them out…that skirt that hasn’t been worn in 3 years (I know I will lose 10lbs to fit into it this year – LOL), that magazine that is 20 years old and we never read it anyway, bills from 10 years ago, etc, etc, etc…prime candidates for the show “Hoarders” (LOL).
The worst part I realize is when we do that in our personal lives…it’s one thing to collect old papers it’s another to collect old hurts and regrets! There are some of us still talking about what so and so did to us in the 3rd grade and how we will never forgive her! We will never be able to move forward until we release all the baggage that holds us back. So this time I am “spring cleaning” for real. Not just taking things up, dusting them off and putting them back on the shelf to collect more dust – but truly cleaning and throwing things out!
Where are those garbage bags…let the cleaning begin!


One thought on ““Spring Cleaning” – The art of letting go

  1. you are right about holding on to past hurt. as much as i walk away i still hold on. i am with you this spring, and begin spring cleaing my life. as you go on the 21 days cleaning, i am going to clean my life and heart for 21 days, this i need help with Anne. it’s been a long time since we took on a new project this i would like to get on board with…

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